Urban Regeneration: examples from Turin in a European context

Dal 18 al 20 maggio 2022 si è tenuto a Torino l’evento “Urban Regeneration: examples from Turin in a European context”, conferenza a cura di METREX (Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas).

Il Presidente di Globus et Locus, Piero Bassetti, ha partecipato il 19 maggio con un video-intervento nella sessione tematica “Future for Metropolitan Regions”.

Di seguito un estratto dell’intervento:

“Today cities and metropolitan areas represent a confluence of technological, material, monetary, and migratory flows. The organic connection between local and global levels requires the ability of the territory to reorganize itself to govern functions like mobility, logistics, environmental issues, in front of which we currently have very limited means of government and regulation on a metropolitan and regional scale.

The pandemic crisis has made institutions and stakeholders aware of the importance of strategically rethinking regional and metropolitan areas, which will be increasingly protagonists at the level of the European scale.  The major challenges of our time advocate changes in the institutional setup, in the perspective of a “new” Europe, that is required by the urgent crisis we are facing today both locally and globally”.

Clicca qui per vedere l’intervento integrale del Presidente Bassetti.