About us

The Association Globus et Locus was established in 1997 by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the UniversitĂ  Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (founding members) with the goal of supporting the ruling class in its efforts to deal with the challenges of glocalisation by providing both a new political culture and a system of values in line with glocal experience.

From its inception, Globus et Locus has aimed at developing political behaviour that is in tune with the epochal change produced by glocalisation.

The awareness that processes of globalisation change the shape of traditional political-economic systems is the fundamental concept inspiring Globus et Locus’ thought and action. The changing organisational paradigms of the world has placed societies at the forefront of a series of important economic, institutional, and cultural transformations.

Over the years, the association has worked to propose projects and carry out research on glocal phenomena by both dialoguing in close synergy with its members and working together with other institutions and centres of study from all over the world.