Governance and institutions

What are the forms of governance of a glocal world, dominated by flows and networks?

Globus et Locus endeavours to contribute to reflection and debate on the topic of governance by implementing both projects and action proposals for this new glocal experience. The aim of Globus et Locus’ activity in the field of governance is to contribute to the analysis and promotion of new institutions on a glocal and macro-regional scale. The association achieves this through the reinterpretation of the relationship between territories and functions, revealed by the dynamics highlighted or triggered by glocalism.

In recent years, Globus et Locus has led a consistent part its work towards both the development of analysis proposals and the understanding of issues of metropolitan and macro-regional reorganisation. It has focused particular attention on Northern Italy’s problems, considered within the European and global context. Wide areas and urban regions are nowadays the places of new social, economic, and the manifestation of cultural phenomenology. Here, new institutional and governance praxis are being pioneered with trans-territorial and global perspectives. From the awareness of glocal cities’ role in the governance of the glocal world emerges Globus et Locus’ commitment to the topic of urban regions.